Timber Frame History and Facts



Many people do not realize the mortise and tenon timber frame construction is the original style of wood construction.  In fact it can be traced back to the Old Testament 1Kings 5:6 when Solomon hired the Sidonians to provide timber framing for the temple of the Lord 1000 years BC.  Those timber frame laborers would travel for a month at a time to build the timber frame, 1Kings 5:14. 


Timber framing then remained the most common method of wood construction until the 19th & 20th century.   The 1,300 year old Ise temple buildings in Japan are thought to be the oldest existing timber frame structures in the world.


By the Middle Ages timber frame churches, theaters, elaborate private homes and impressive barns populated the cities and towns of Northern Europe. In Northern Europe, timber framing evolved as a way to construct dwellings from a dwindling supply of a most precious building material, wood.


The White House in Washington DC, built before newer construction methods were developed, is in fact a timber frame building.  But with newer methodologies and manufactured construction products introduced in the 20th century, timber frame skills and methods were almost lost forever to ‘progress’.


In the mid-1970’s a few innovative builders and designers became inspired by the still functional timber frame homes, barns and churches built 300 years ago.  Today's timber frames include traditional methodologies and modern conveniences that prove to be superior in many respects to any other type of construction.


Ref: Building a Timbecraft Home, Timbercraft construction manual, 2012


To learn more about today's timber frame industry and the many varied options available to you, visit the Timber Framers Guild web site; www.tfguild.com or contact us here at Logs To Heirlooms.  We will be happy to share with you an informative DVD that takes you through the history of timber framing and on to designing your very own timber frame structure.


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