Portable Saw Mill Services


There is an initial set-up fee whenever we travel from our location to yours.  It covers the time from when we first leave our shop until we are on-site, set-up, and the mill is ready to work.  It covers the first 10 miles travel.  After that there is a $1.00/mile charge (round trip).  This establishes our minimum fee for the job.  Thereafter we work on an hourly rate.


Our time will be spent wherever it is needed most to maximize the efficiency of our time and to reach the goal of producing valuable lumber and timbers from your logs.  Our services include:

  • Stage logs (moving logs in preparation to load onto the mill)
  • Prepare logs for the mill (delimbing, cutting to length, etc.)
  • Operating the saw mill
  • Moving lumber and waste from the mill
  • Stacking finished boards and timbers in your specified location
  • Stickering your lumber (putting 1”x1” sticks every 2’ between each layer in a stack of lumber) in preparation for drying


The set hourly rate is for two workers and the mill.  If the job requires extra workers there will be a $20/worker/hr fee for each extra worker required.  If we feel that extra workers are needed to fulfill your request we will make sure it is agreed to before the job proceeds.


We do invite you, the owner, and others you feel are willing and able to help, to participate in the operation of converting your logs into lumber and timbers.  Most owners prefer to not only witness but to participate in this process.  Your assistance would be welcomed to off load waste and finished boards or timbers, moving finished boards to location, stacking, and stickering boards, etc. 


We provide other equipment needed to move and ready logs for the mill such as chain saws, cant hooks, winches, ropes, etc. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.  Few job require extra heavy equipment, but if your job does there could be additional costs.  If extra equipment is necessary, such as skid steers, fork lifts, shredders, or dozers it will be established and agreed to prior to beginning your job.


 Price List


Set-up fee (covers first 10 miles)                     $70

Extra mileage (round-trip, after first 10)          $  1.00/mile round trip

Hourly Fee                                                         $70

Ruined blade* (by foreign material in log)       $35/blade

Sales Tax**


* We are responsible for worn or dull blades and we will change a blade whenever necessary.  This charge only applies if a blade is damaged too badly to be resharpened due to hitting foreign material buried inside the log.  We have found fencing, insulators, lag bolts, nail, screws, bullets, slugs, and other items that damage blades.  We hold the owner responsible in these cases.  A metal detector is available but will only be used to inspect suspect logs since this slows the process considerably.


** Applied on portions of the job as specified by the State of Ohio

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Effective September 1, 2016

We are no longer scheduling full service, portable saw mill services.


We will continue to offer saw mill services but the logs will need to be transported to our location - 2752 Stringtown Rd NE, Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Business Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday

and Thursday

7:30 AM - 4:30 PM


All other times by appointment


Please call Steve's cell phone 740-503-6808

to arrange an after-hours or weekend appointment.


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